Can I only work with API in golang for my react web application?

I am try to learning golang, and I have a web application with react.js, is it possible to work only with API with golang for back-end, I will need any framework?

what do you mean with “work only with API” ?

if you mean "implement a REST API backend in Go, of course is doable.

Yes like graphql api with pure gopang without web framework

Yes you can, of course, GraphQL is not included in the standard library but there’re several packages you can evaluate (check at

is there any books or video for it ?

quite sure you’ll find something but at the moment nothing in my mind.

try with this

well, you asked if it’s possible to build GraphQL backend in Go and the answer is YES.

We gave you some starting points where to look; now you should do deeper research and find what is the best tool for your needs.

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