Can I merge two for range loops?

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Hi Gophers,
I was given a task where, given two maps, each of different length and common + different key value pairs, I have to create another map, that would contain the common elements between the two maps + the unique elements of the two maps. Care should be taken that:

  1. Neither of the maps should be modified. The key value pairs must be inserted in a different , new map.
  2. The function should return the first, second and the new map.

Here’s how I have written the code:

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {

	numToWords := map[string]int{
		"oneHundred":   100,
		"twoHundred":   200,
		"threeHundred": 300,
		"fourHundred":  400,
		"sixHundred":   600,

	sameNumToWords := map[string]int{
		"oneHundred":   100,
		"twoHundred":   200,
		"threeHundred": 300,
		"fiveHundred":  500,

	map1, map2, mixMap := mixOfTwo(numToWords, sameNumToWords)
	fmt.Printf("first Map: %v\n", map1)
	fmt.Printf("second Map: %v\n", map2)
	fmt.Printf("mixOfTwo Map: %v\n", mixMap)


func mixOfTwo(first map[string]int, second map[string]int) (map[string]int,
	map[string]int, map[string]int) {
	mixOfTwoMaps := make(map[string]int)

	for firstKey, _ := range first {
		if _, ok := mixOfTwoMaps[firstKey]; ok == false {
			mixOfTwoMaps[firstKey] = first[firstKey]

	for secondKey, _ := range second {
		if _, ok := mixOfTwoMaps[secondKey]; ok == false {
			mixOfTwoMaps[secondKey] = second[secondKey]

	return first, second, mixOfTwoMaps


Here’s the output:

>go run main.go
first Map: map[fourHundred:400 oneHundred:100 sixHundred:600 threeHundred:300 twoHundred:200]
second Map: map[fiveHundred:500 oneHundred:100 threeHundred:300 twoHundred:200]
mixOfTwo Map: map[fiveHundred:500 fourHundred:400 oneHundred:100 sixHundred:600 threeHundred:300 twoHundred:200]

While this works fine, I would like to know if Golang has a way in which I can loop over more than one map. For example:

for key1, value1 ;key2, value2 := range map1;map2?

Also, as usual, if there is a better, more efficient way of writing the code, kindly let me know.

(Boban Acimovic) #2

No, you can’t do this. Eventually, if two maps are of the same type, you can merge them and then loop over the merged one.

(Pritesh Ugrankar) #3

Hi Acim,
Thanks for the answer. Yes, if two maps are same, then definitely it will work, but if they are not the same, I was wondering if I can just write one for loop instead of two.

(Yamil Bracho) #4

Golang is somehow verbose but it runs fast. Rewrite of mixOfTwo func

func mixOfTwo(first map[string]int, second map[string]int) (map[string]int, map[string]int, map[string]int) {
    mixOfTwoMaps := make(map[string]int)
for key, value := range first {
	mixOfTwoMaps[key] = value

for key, value := range second {
	if _, ok := mixOfTwoMaps[key]; !ok {
		mixOfTwoMaps[key] = value

return first, second, mixOfTwoMaps


(Pritesh Ugrankar) #5

I missed the whole point that, the first time around I don’t need to put in any checks cause I’m adding to an empty map!!

Also I don’t need to spell out the seperate key value names because they are scoped to the for loop.

Thanks for fixing my logical errors as well as syntactic ones Yamil.

One day I’m gonna get kicked out of this forum for my stupidity. :smile::smile::smile:

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