Can I get the last access time from a file?

How I can get the last access date of a file?

From what I see in the " fileinfo " structure does not exist when this property .

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Hey there!

Here is how I get the last access time for a specific file on my specific operating system.

Edit: Since this is using system calls, it’s best to use a package such as for cross system compatibility.

package main

import (

func main() {
	// Get an `os.FileInfo` object for the file `hello.txt`.
	fi, err := os.Stat("hello.txt")
	if err != nil {

	// Get the last access time for `hello.txt`.
	accessTime := fi.Sys().(*syscall.Stat_t).Atimespec

	// Print out the last access time.
	fmt.Println(time.Unix(accessTime.Sec, accessTime.Nano()))
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Hi Benjamin!

Thankyou very much!


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Be aware that it’s common for Linux systems to switch off support for atime values at filesystem level, to improve performance. For example, Fedora sets filesystems to noatime by default.

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seems to not work with noatime. so, can be a problem on ssd drives for example.

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