Can Eclipse IDE be used with Go?

There seems to be some old stuff out there, but nothing current. Is there another IDE that works with Go?

Hey @Chuck_Pergiel, you should check out this page of IDE’s and text editors for go programming.

Personally, I use vim for go development using the vim-go plugin (as well as a few other plugins too).

Edit: You should also check out What editor plugins are you using for Go? here on the forum.

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Just found this:

I personally like Atom. There is a great post about getting it set up nicely here:

Yes, you would use Goclipse to work with Go in Eclipse. (I’m not sure what you meant when you referred to old stuff out there - AFAIK GoClipse was the only Go IDE for Eclipse)

Please read the GoClipse User Guide for more information, especially if you run into any issues.

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I used GoClipse since I started with Go ~1 year ago, no bugs or problems ever.
I’m totally happy with it.

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