Calling two different exposed functions in goth package. One works, the other yields "undefined: goth.ContextForClient" at compile-time

package main

import (


func main() {
	x := goth.GetProviders() // works
	a := goth.ContextForClient(http.DefaultClient) // fails with ./test.go:12: undefined: goth.ContextForClient
	fmt.Print(x, a)

This is the exact place were the functions are defined:

I have the same problem when trying to call HTTPClientWithFallBack. But any other function in that package works without issue.

What am I missing? Thank you!

If goth.HTTPClientWithFallBack doesnt work as well, try updating goth, those functions have been added in a commit about a year ago, maybe you still have an older version in your GOPATH or vendored.

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Thank you Norbert.

It was indeed a problem with the package in vendor folder not being the last version.
I kept looking at the package in GOPATH and couldn’t figure out why it was not working.

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