Calling Println with the ... operator?

For my own comprehension, I don’t understand why I can’t do:

x := []int{1,2,3}

I thought it would be equivalent to:

fmt.Println(1, 2, 3)

Do I have to explicitly declare my slice with the type interface{} like this:

x := [](interface{}){1, 3, 8, 4, 2}

Or is there another way with keeping my slice of int ?

Unfortunately Println wants a slice of interface{} and you have a slice of int, and these are not convertible.

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Thank you Jakob for the pointer to that FAQ entry. It’s exactly the answer I was looking for.

Therefore I have to manually convert it like this:

x := []int{1,2,3}

func toSliceInterface(p []int) []interface{} {
	s := make([]interface{}, len(p))
	for i, v := range p {
		s[i] = v
	return s

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