Calling a function found in Reflections

I’m very new to Go and still don’t have a great mental picture of its internals, although I’m working on it.

I was wondering if it was possible to not know a function name but call it anyway and get values from it. This lead me to the reflection package and I got pretty close but I’m not sure about the last step - if there is one. Again please forgive me if I am missing something obvious, this is my first attempt at doing anything in Go other than getting it setup.

Of course being a compiled language there is no need to iterate through things to find function names, I know them all, but this is something I want to see if it is possible… I’m playing and learning.

Below is the code. What I would really like to do is in the main line extract the values set in ModuleBoot() <“1.0012”, 23> and SomethingBoot() <“1.0000”, 10> but so far all as I can get is structure information. Perhaps that’s just the way it is but perhaps there is a step or change that can make it go the next step.

Hopefully I copied all the relevant code over correctly so it compiles as is:

// Using: go version go1.9.7 linux/amd64
FILE: main.go
package main

import (

func main() {

  miType := reflect.TypeOf(core.ModuleInfo{})


  for i := 0; i < miType.NumMethod(); i++ {
    method := miType.Method(i)

    in := make([]reflect.Value, method.Type.NumIn())
    in[0] = reflect.ValueOf(core.ModuleInfo{})
    //fmt.Println("Params in:", method.Type.NumIn(), "Params out:", method.Type.NumOut())

    mi := method.Func.Call(in)
    fmt.Println("mi:", mi)


FILE: playing/modules/core/something.go
package core

func (mi ModuleInfo) SomethingBoot() ModuleInfo {
  mi.Version = "1.0000"
  mi.Priority = 10
  return mi

FILE: playing/modules/core/modules.go
package core

type ModuleInfo struct {
  Version string
  Priority int

func (mi ModuleInfo) ModuleBoot() ModuleInfo {
  mi.Version = "1.0012"
  mi.Priority = 23
  return mi

The output I got from this was:

Started delve with config "Debug"

mi: [<core.ModuleInfo Value>]

mi: [<core.ModuleInfo Value>]

delve closed with code 0

Try to use interfaces and clean code. Reflection is just for case that you can’t do it other way.

Thanks for the advise but it really doesn’t answer my question. If you know what I am trying to do is possible then please let me know what I am missing in my knowledge, if it’s not actually possible that also is good to know.

The answer is yes but I got the answer on a more generic coding site. For anyone who is interested:
I also came across this great resource:

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