Callgraph - could not import context

Hi everyone,

I’m on Ubuntu and installed tools with sudo apt install golang-golang-x-tools

When I run callgraph -format digraph main.go I get lots of errors like:

main.go:12:2: could not import context (cannot find package "context" in any of:

        /usr/lib/go-1.6/src/context (from $GOROOT)

        /home/brent/repos/go/src/context (from $GOPATH))

But when I run go env I get a different GOROOT


So I think I installed an outdated version of x-tools.

Is there a way to install 1.13 x-tools?
Or, can build callgraph from source and call its executable directly?



Install Go from here instead:


It’s not outdated. It’s because Ubuntu team customizes it to the point where it differs from actual documentation and performs outside of supporting range.

To recover, simply sudo apt purge it and install a fresh one via @iegomez mentioning.

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Debian is fine. It encourages and foster the actual Golang site download and installation path.

It’s Ubuntu specific issue because I witnessed in the past they broke the go doc web server by shifting the docs out to some /libs path before go1.10. I’m still wondering why they wanted to package that way that introduces more cost and problems and automate the installation by the official guide.

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Hi all,

Thanks for the updates; I managed to resolve the issue by building callgraph from master then using that executable.

Still in shock from how fast go builds.

Thanks again


Noted with :heart: :rofl:

Anyway, I’m not longer on Ubuntu; already shifted to Debian since Stretch due to many things are behaving weirdly and the OS crashed without recovery after some time distro upgrades.

Would you mind post your solution and mark the issue as “mark as solved” please? So that others can move on to the next problem.

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Built locally with

go get -u

On first reading of the readme of gotools I was not aware that was the command to build! Learnings.

And yes; I am still on ubuntu 16 because upgrading versions have corrupted in the past :slight_smile:


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