Call for Speakers for the 2024 Carolina Code Conference is open until April 15th

A polyglot conference for all who code!

Just wanted to drop by and let everyone know that our Call for Speakers has opened for 2024. We’re growing this year, doubling from 150 to 300 attendees and a 2 day event in beautiful Greenville, SC.

If you’d like a look at our speakers from last year, we had a solid line up headlined by keynotes from Charles Nutter (jRuby) and Bruce Tate (7 Languages in 7 Weeks, active with Elixir) for a total of 15 speakers on a single track.

We utilize a staggered schedule throughout the day with alternating 30 minute (moderate) and 10 minute (lightning) talks between keynotes to showcase a variety of topics to the audience while keeping everyone engaged. We’re committed to maintaining the single track to ensure that our speakers have the entire audience available. There’s nothing worse than being selected for a conference and then ending up in a room where nobody shows up to your talk.

All talks are professionally recorded and published.

Please let me know if you have any questions. It’s an excellent opportunity to showcase Go to a broad audience. We didn’t have a Go talk last year and I’d love to have one this year.

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