Calculating percentage on a float

How do I calculate a percentage on a float and print out the result. Here i’m trying to calculate 0.00009037 with an increase of 5%. After starring at the docs and some blogs for some hours, I am lost.

	myfloat := float64(0.00009037)
	fmt.Printf("%s", myfloat * 1.05)


%s is for strings and a float isn’t a string.

Try %f instead.

There is nothing wrong with your code. Do you know the scientific notation? That’s what the e-05 is about.

Let’s print your floats in a different way:

package main

import (

func main() {
	myfloat := float64(0.00009037)
	fmt.Printf("%.10f\n", myfloat)
	fmt.Printf("%.10f\n", myfloat*1.05)

Here we print the floats using %f with 10 digits after the decimal point. The result:


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