Caddy 0.8 released - automatic HTTPS for your sites

I’m very happy to announce Caddy 0.8, a pure-Go web server based on net/http that serves all your live sites over HTTPS for free, automatically, using Let’s Encrypt.

Caddy uses Sebastian Erhart’s lego library under the hood to automatically issue and renew certificates for you.

So if you want to do away with manual certificate management or having to use external tools to keep your site running over HTTPS, give Caddy a shot - hope you can find it useful.

See the release notes for more information. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!


How does it handle restarts? (Lazy to dig into the code)

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On Windows, restarts are forceful but very quick and they happen within the same process.

On Linux, restarts are graceful, zero-downtime, but they spawn a new process with a new PID.

So, it handles them very well. (Except for a known issue with an edge case related to Let’s Encrypt, documented in the release notes – which is now fixed.)


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