Cache engine lite released

An extremely simple and reliable IoT / IIoT cache engine made in the Go language. Use for real-time monitoring and control of various IoT devices that can make GET / PUT requests.

Instead of communicating directly with them through various drivers and web services, you have them transmit data in a uniform and consistent form in a cache under one or more keys that you take from your applications.

I was able to connect and monitor Mikrotik switches and routers (various models) for some real-time graphics, controllers as well as some alarm systems. Other devices (or even applications) can be monitored or various communication scenarios 1-1, 1-N, N-1 can be imagined. Also, for some devices commands can be transmitted through the cache.

There is also a minimal portable SPA management application out there that can be used on both server and client computers (including mobile terminals).


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