Builmode on Windows

I’m trying to build a go shared lib. under Windows x64, but each time I do :

go install -work -buildmode=shared mylib.go

I get -buildmode=shared not supported on windows/amd64

Wow, I hope I’m doing the wrong thing…

Sounds incredible such a major feature doesn’t work in Windows !?
(I have at least 50 executables to build, and using shared lib. is pretty important in my case)

Thanks for your help

Looks unsupported, yes: https://github.com/golang/go/issues/11058

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Yes indeed, I’ve read the thread.

For what it worth (my 2 cents opinion) this is quite a -huge- restriction :frowning:

… Or is it time for microservices ??

The shared buildmode support was added quite recently, probably isn’t very widely used yet. To get it working will require some love from someone knowledgeable on Windows, which I think excludes a large part of the usual Go contributors unfortunately.

(The exotic build modes are also not support on FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac, etc afaik)

You’re right, and it’s sad :frowning:

My two cents opinion is that a language like that could not treat Windows as a second-class citizen…

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