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I am newbie with golang and I wanted to know if there is a guideline how to integrate non-go tools into go build ecosystem. Specifically, if I need to generate go files from proto file but I do not want to do it manually every time I change my proto file is there a way to run custom build rules inside go-build system? What’s the simplest and most common approach?


Makefiles, shell scripts or Go scripts, depending on preferences.

Typically you’d generate code from protobufs manually-ish when the definitions change (using “go generate” or “make protobuf” or something) and check in the generated code. There’s no facility for custom commands triggered by “go build”.



This sound like a job for the go generate tool.

Basically the idea is to add a file in the folder where your .proto file is and name it something like generate.go.

Source tree would look something like this:

|_ proto
      |_ my_protobuf_file.proto
      |_ generate.go

In there you add the command the go generate tool need to execute on the first line and comment it out.

The rest of the file is just the package declaration

//go:generate protoc my_protobuf_file.proto --go_out=plugins=grpc:.

package proto

When you build your app you call go generate tool as well on the package where the .proto file is.

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