Building bin and pkg

noobie here. When I was running version 1.4.2 bin and pkg files automatically install in my folder. When I updated to version 1.6, the bin and pkg folder did not install in my projects. I saw something to where I am supposed to change GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP. I have been at it for hours. If someone can help me that would be nice.

Here is for the ./all.bash stuff.

Building Go bootstrap tool.

ERROR: Cannot find /home/x5tevex/go1.4/bin/go.
Set $GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP to a working Go tree >= Go 1.4.

I’m sorry you are having problems. Your report sounds like you’ve tried a bunch of things, so the first step would be to untangle the situation you find yourself in.

You said that you were running Go 1.4.2. Are you trying to upgrade to Go 1.6 ?

If you are then I strongly recommend using the binary versions from the website. They are extremely well tested and known to work across many platforms.

If you are not trying to upgrade your Go installation, would you be able to explain what the problem is that you see, what you have tried, and what you saw when you tried.

I am running go version go1.6 linux/amd64 after removing 1.4.
I followed the steps that are listed on and installed go1.6.linux-amd64.tar.gz.
Then followed the video here ->
Everything I did is fine up until this step.
####$ls ~/gocode/bin
and the error i get back is
####ls: cannot access /home/x5tevex/gocode/bin: No such file or directory

I can run go run main.go file just fine but that wasn’t what I was doing on version 1.4.2.
I hope I was clear. Thanks

The simplest answer is ~/gocode/bin will be created the first time you use
go install (assuming that ~/gocode is your $GOPATH).

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