Blog building tutorials?

I am looking into implementing a simple blog into my website (still local) but the usual Google search for tutorials is less helpful than usual. Any suggestions would be appreciated for tutorials. Most searches suggest suggest various web frameworks such as gin, beego, or echo but I am still having trouble finding tutorials creating blogs with these frameworks. I have found a tutorial by Will Evans at which I get up and running but I am so new to blog creation and markdown that I don’t know how to implement commenting on comments or up/down voting. Again, any help pointing me in good direction is appreciated. Thx.

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I have not implemented any blogging website (yet) but if I did, this is how I would approach the implementation of it. Obviously, this is my view but hope some of my thinking helps you.

The blog that you have linked looks like a pretty good start for implementing your own blog. Templating in Go is one of the powerful things that you can learn first. Try to implement a pretty simple templated HTML page that fits well with your design and looks of your website and serve it with net/http (demonstrated in that blog).

After you have a pretty good grasp on templating, take a look at Hugo, it is a really great project and it uses templating extensively, but hey you did some templating yourself too so you can easily navigate through Hugo’s themes and it’s templating code. Spin up a basic Hugo server and use some theme. Take a look at the code and incorporate your HTML design to this theme. Now, you not only have your theme but you have got the power of writing simple markdowns that hugo converts it into HTML with styling of your own. For comments, hugo has this disqus plugin.


You could take a look over the sources. Articles are in markdown format. Probably is not exactly what you want but you can learn a lot of things from there.


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