Best suited frontend for application with Golang backend

In the terms of scalability and smooth working, for a Social Media application, which of the two, Vue or React would go along better with Golang backend?
I’ve scoured the net and various forums, but I couldn’t get conclusive evidences. Please let me know what do you think.

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This is a great question :tada:

I did some testing using Vue with GoLang and one thing I noticed was that they both use the same {{ and }} double curly braces to start and end code blocks in templates. It’s possible to override it on the Vue or the GoLang side, though it seems to be a bit easier on the Go side to use something like:

template.New("view.html").Delims("[[", "]]").ParseFiles("view.html")

If you have some static site generation that happens in conjunction with your product, for example a product blog, VueJs also has the VuePress static site generator.

I didn’t see very many references for embedding any VueJs content in a Hugo generated static site.

I haven’t put time into testing GoLang with a React front or Angular front end yet though.

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