Best learning resource for Go web development

What is the best recourse for learning Golang there? I tried to find videos but most of them are poorly introduced, so I went to learn from the docs; here is the link i used: Go Wiki and it was really great.
However, I need to take my level further.
Here is my strategy:
=>build password generator
=> build a dynamic portfolio where I can add skills from the database and they will get rendered automatically due to database and for loop
=> Build Todo app with Authentication
Those are the steps I took to become a more advance Django developer and I’m willing to repeat them

With Go Wiki docs I was able to build the first one (password generator) but I really can’t find any other sources to learn me how to build the other two.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Should I really move from Django to Golang?

Now I'm really wondering, should i really make this jump from Django to Golang? Yes I love Golang more than Python but... How hard is it to get my authentication ready in Golang? How hard is it to have cookies to keep users logged in? most importantly How hard is it to hash users passwords as in django

How long would it take to have that great admin panel Django provides by default?

Is the more time spent on those things really worth it? Will my app run way faster than my Django app? Should I really Learn Golang or I can stick up with Cython?!!

There will be 3 steps involved.

  1. Fetch the data from the database

  2. Loop this data in a template page (table or whatever)

      {{range .}}
  3. Render the template

    tpl.ExecuteTemplate(w, page, data)

I was investigating Python / Django before I begun with Go. I hesitated then because of most modules still was 2.0. AFAIK P/D is a good alternative, but at the end of the day it is about getting things done. In five years from now - which is the best choice when you look in the rearview mirror?

Have you few concurrent users I doubt the end user will notice any difference. With heavy load I think Go outperforms Python.

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