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I’m accustomed to using Eclipse with Java, where as I’m sure you will know provides a nice ‘method map’ in the code navigation UI. I use this all the time to jump from one class to another, one method to the next and so on.

Is there anything like this available in Go? Some of my programs are getting on for a few thousand lines and dozens of functions, methods and type definitions. It would be great for the IDE to interpret this and offer a similar view/functionality.

I’m currently using visual studio code and aside from this functionality, I love it. I’ve heard of GoClipse… can anyone say whether this kind of thing is available in that?

Check out Gogland by Jet Brains: It’s basically Intellij, but for Go. A bit of time learning Intellij is well spent, as they have an offering for almost every popular programming language. Learn it once and use it everywhere.


LiteIDE also has such class view feature and you can easily jump to a variable or a function.

There is a VSCode extension named “Code Outline” available that provides rudimentary outlining, and there is also an open issue requesting a native symbol tree view in VSCode.

Also, Ctrl-Shift-O opens a dropdown with a flat list of symbols in standard VSCode - no extension required (although this is far inferior to having a permanent tree view in the sidebar). (This is part of VSC’s code navigation functionality.)

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Worth mentioning , that It is under heavy development.

Gogland, webstorm and Atom; but Gogland is made by JetBrains for mainly golang. You could join their channel @ slack to learn more.


I have now switched from VSCode to Gogland for Go and I really like it. It seems to have everything that I need and more. The code completion is fantastic and the handy tooltips are saving me loads of time working out what I’ve done wrong, while at the same time I can disable the hints for packages/methods that I understand well.

My only concern is that Jetbrains release a production V1 and charge a lot of money for it. I don’t doubt that its worth it, I just would not be able to persuade anyone to pay for it when VSCode / Atom and so on, are free.

On the subject of free IDE’s, I completely gave up all hope of ever getting Goclipse working at all. Ever.

You are welcome.
Yeah, IntelliJ isn’t open-source although they have community edition they give free but the paid version usually contains more features.
Atom3 is no doubt tha bomb now.
Although Gogland is worth it, but you could try Atom3 too.

Can you tell more about atom3? Even when taking alook at the beta channel, the current most version available seems to be 1.20, thats far from 3…

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