Best GoLang Course

What is the recommended course for learning Golang and using it for web development?

Hi @sunnez ,

If you want to learn Go specifically for Web development, check out Jon Calhoun’s Web Development With Go or Alex Edward’s book Let’s Go.

I hope it’s okay to mention here that I also offer a Go course at but this is a general beginners course. (The part about concurrency is also available separately and is currently being expanded a little bit.)

More trainings: Training · golang/go Wiki · GitHub

If you are looking for free resources, start here: Learn · golang/go Wiki · GitHub

Thanks you, Christophberger, for sharing. Cheers!

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If you want to learn Golang then I would recommend you, while to make your skill strong for web development then I would recommend to go for the best golang course from the renowned sources like igmGuru, CodeAcademy, Edureka trusted by

Thanks, Shashi

Also don’t forget:

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Sure :+1:

I can recommend this book:

There is quite a lot about web development including web servers, a little bit about containers and tools for measuring efficiency and of course details about go usage itself.


I’m a newbie too and as of now I’m finding Golang Tour pretty good


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