Best GO Lang resources

I am fairly new to Golang, but I have used languages like Javascript, Python and PHP. The difficulty I’m having at this point is how different these languages are, and I really want to understand Golang down to the basics. So I’d really appreciate if nice go resources can be recommended where I’d be able to work the Language from ground up.

The primary way to start with Go is its official web page, Get Started - The Go Programming Language


Already used it, I was asking about a paid resource with in depth break down of the language.

I recommend The Go Programming Language often. It’s slightly outdated with regard to modules and generics but you can easily supplement that knowledge with the docs; for example tutorial/create-module and tutorial/generics:

It is an excellent book. Read the first part of it for free on that link and see if it fits with your style of learning.

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you must first read Effective Go - The Go Programming Language

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