Beginner web app

Hi all:
I would like to build a web app that sends control commands to a device from a web app.
I was pointed in the direction of golang with angular.

Can anyone give some clearer instructions on this.

Much appreciated.

What sort of control commands? If it is just clicking a few buttons then angular is probably overkill.

You can write the frontend in Go with go/wasm too - here is a simple game I wrote:

Hi Nick
I have a rest API server sitting on a NUC which controls various attached devices, video codecs, to make input 1 route to display you write (in telnet) - join 1,3 for example.

So I want to make a web app that displays the input codecs and output codecs and the user picks the input and touches the output to initiate the command on the API server to make it happen.

Does that make sense?

I hate writing in javascript so I’d choose the go wasm route.

You could make a UI in this then it will run in the browser and as a native app.

that sounds really good

I just took a look, I’ll have a deeper dive but it looks interesting and has a linux platform solution too.

I can’t get any of the example to run, maybe safari doesnt support webassembly?

I think Safari does support web assembly.

Does the demo on the front page of work?

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