Beego installation issues


I am trying to install beego client on ubuntu but the online tutorials for the same doesn’t seem to work anymore. I am getting the below error:

go get: installing executables with ‘go get’ in module mode is deprecated.
Use ‘go install pkg@version’ instead.
For more information, see Deprecation of 'go get' for installing executables -
or run ‘go help get’ or ‘go help install’.

Can anyone help me with this as I can’t figure out how to install Go client with ‘go install’

Go Version: 1.17.3

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Hi @Gaurav_Malhotra,

The important part about go install is that you have to add a version number to the end of the package path, like “@v1.2.3”.

If you don’t care about using a particular version, simply use “@latest”, as in:

go install some/package/import/path@latest

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