Beego 1.6.0 released

beego 1.6.0

New features:

  1. log supports rotating files like xx.2013-01-01.2.log #1265
  2. context.response supports Flush, Hijack, CloseNotify
  3. ORM supports Distinct #1276
  4. map_get template method #1305
  5. ORM supports tidb engine #1366
  6. httplib request supports []string #1308
  7. ORM querySeter added GroupBy method #1345
  8. Session’s MySQL engine supports custom table name #1348
  9. Performance of log’s file engine improved 30%; Supports set log file’s permission #1560
  10. Get session by query #1507
  11. Cache module supports multiple Cache objects.
  12. validation supports custom validation functions


  1. bind method in context caused crash when parameter is empty. #1245
  2. manytomany in ORM reverse error #671
  3. http: multiple response.WriteHeader calls #1329
  4. ParseForm uses local timezone while parsing date #1343
  5. Emails sent by log’s SMTP engine can’t be authorised
  6. Fixed some issues in router: /topic/:id/?:auth, /topic/:id/?:auth:int #1349
  7. Fixed the crash caused by nil while parsing comment documentation. #1367
  8. Can’t read index.html in static folder
  9. dbBase.Update doesn’t return err if failed #1384
  10. Required in validation only works for int but not for int64
  11. orm: Fix handling of rel(fk) to model with string pk #1379
  12. graceful error while both http and https enabled #1414
  13. If ListenTCP4 enabled and httpaddr is empty, it still listens TCP6
  14. migration doesn’t support postgres #1434
  15. Default values of ORM text, bool will cause error while creating tables.
  16. graceful panic: negative WaitGroup counter


  1. Moved example to samples
  2. Passed golint
  3. Rewrote router, improved performance by 3 times.
  4. Used sync.Pool for context to improve performance
  5. Improved template compiling speed. #1298
  6. Improved config
  7. Refactored whole codebase for readability and maintainability
  8. Moved all init code into AddAPPStartHook
  9. Removed middleware. Will only use plugins
  10. Refactored Error handling.

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