Backend Engineer, Los Angeles

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We have recently launched in the US, our office is located in East Hollywood, Los Angeles.

You might not have heard of us yet because we’re just at the start of our journey expanding to the US, but Monzo is building something truly unique. We’re a bank – the fastest-growing one in UK history – but also truly a tech company. We have built our entire core banking system in-house using technologies like Go, Kubernetes, and Cassandra, and we consider technology, and a team of world-class engineers, to be a key competitive advantage.

We’re looking to replicate our success from the UK here in the US, and we started rolling out to customers in the US a few weeks ago through some really exciting events. We’ve raised $400 million, including the most recent round of $114 million round led by Y Combinator. Please reach out directly to me or hit apply! (edited)

Backend Engineer, Los Angeles

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please let me know if you are looking for remote support,