Aws lambda go pattern

hi guys, wanted to ask your opinion about design pattern for aws lambda go functions.

as you know typical function looks like ( AWS Lambda function handler in Go - AWS Lambda ):

func handler(ctx context.Context, request events.APIGatewayProxyRequest) (events.APIGatewayProxyResponse, error) {

func main() {

but of course in real world, 1 lambda calls another lambdas, have some stuff in envs etc. so I created common code:

type Application struct {
	LambdaClient awsutils.LambdaClientInterface
	Arn          map[ServiceArn]string
	OtherEnvs    map[string]string
	Log          zerolog.Logger
	Ctx          context.Context

with NewApplication func that fills up arn map with other envs some helpers like:

func (app *Application) GetUsernArn() string {
	return app.GetArn(User)

so now in every lambda I start code like:

type LambdaApp struct {

func (app *LambdaApp) Start() {

func main() {
	lambdaClient := awsutils.NewLambdaClient()
	serviceArns := []lu.ServiceArn{lu.XYZ, lu.ABC}
	otherEnvs := []string{"WHATEVER"}

	newApp := LambdaApp{lu.NewApplication(lambdaClient, serviceArns, otherEnvs)}

func (app *LambdaApp) handler(ctx context.Context, request events.APIGatewayProxyRequest) (events.APIGatewayProxyResponse, error) {
	app.Log = logger.GetApiLogger(ctx, request)
	app.Ctx = ctx

this way I have always in one place config for which services this lambda will call and what other envs will take
also logger and ctx is inside LambdaApp as you see, logger I use also custom method that shows me requestId path method body.
ctx well I use always the same from handler, no need to use other like with some specific timeout.
then later in code as of course there is no one huge handler function I divide code and most of the code needs to use logger so instead of declaring everytime I use this one from app ie:

func (app *LambdaApp) validateRequest...{

I dont know if its good, if I should better declare log first in the beginning of a file under imports and set it on handler ?
the same with ctx.
I jumped to Go from Scala world totally diffent :slight_smile: