Avast work around

I found a way to work around the problem with avast anti-virus.
Open avast then select protection/core shields/file shield. this will give you an option to stop for 10mins 1hr till next time or indefinitely. This maybe a temporary fix, I’m a newbie here but it does work while I was working through so learning. I chose the 10 min option and tried a few lines and it worked. Hope this helps for those who need it.


Here someone enters the path where go programs are built so Avast don’t scan them. This is better than turning off the antivirus program.


Is there a better option? Something that I don’t have to do a bunch of exclusions or turn something off just to get it to work without the hassels?

Avast has the issue but been using it for year now, you can either go with avira vs avast comparison or try adding exception to the exe file so the problem get resolved for all.

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