Avast detects Win64:Evo-gen virus infected goimports(a.out.exe)

Hi everybody, I am new to Go, today I got an Avast anti-virus warning message: Win64:Evo-gen virus infected the file “a.out.exe” while I was installing goimports package from Golang.org via x/tools/cmd/goimports@latest command. Avast even moved this file to its quarantine area from time to time so I just can not install goimports in my PC (Windows 10).

Is anyone else over here got the same problem recently ?

This is a common problem as a developer using compiled languages.

To deactivate the AV software while developing (or only dev in WSL) seems to be the only solution that actually works.

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@NobbZ Thank you so much. So this is a common situation and I don’t have to treat it as a critical issue, I mean, just ignore it and keep on installing goimports, right ? :slight_smile:

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