Automating Go Version Compatibility: Exploring Open API Plugins for Seamless Upgrades


I am exploring the possibility of automating the resolution of Go version compatibility issues using Open API plugins. Could you kindly recommend any relevant Open API plugins that facilitate this automation?

For instance, my existing Go code was developed using Go version 1.10, and I now intend to upgrade it to version 1.21. This upgrade may introduce various compatibility issues, and I am seeking an automated solution to address these issues efficiently.

trying for automation code to fix this kind of compatibility issues

Golang has a backward computability promise.

Go’s emphasis on backwards compatibility is one of its key strengths. There are, however, times when we cannot maintain complete compatibility. If code depends on buggy (including insecure) behavior, then fixing the bug will break that code.

Try to upgrade your go version in mod file, update the toolchain and check if IDE will signalise on any issue. If you didn’t rely on any very specific code, there should be no issues at all. I transferred one of my projects 1.8 → 1.18 without any troubles.

The go-tool should be able to do this.
Just do this in your repository (or backup code because it changes your source files):

go tool fix

Read more about it:

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