Autocomplete for package function

package main

import (




func main() {
    myAppliance, err := Appliances.CreateAppliance()

Is IDEs support autocomplete for functions from packages?
For example, there is a function from Appliances package
func CreateAppliance() (Appliance, error)
but I’ve tried LiteIDE and VScode and it seems there is no autocomplete when
myAppliance, err := Appliances.Cre[expecting autocomplete]

I’ve never had any problems using vs-code and the appropriate plugin. Be aware though that the plugin does depend on tools you need to install as well, and most of them rely on your project living in the GOPATH. Also local imports are discouraged.

If your project lives in the GOPATH and you have installed the tools, it should work. But as you are using a local import, I assume you are not in the GOPATH and that might be the main reason why it doesn’t work.

Please check the “Output”-pane for warnings, you may have to check several of the channels though. At home I do not have set up the go-tools, as I do not use go at home.

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I’ve put the progect in the GOPATH and fixed local imports and after that the autocomple works as expected.

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