Auto sorting fields in map, json

I have a problem.
I take rows from the database and write them to the map interface.
Then I convert it to JSON and send it to the client.

I need to keep the sequence of fields specified in the database.

I leave you are a piece of code.

    rows, _ := db.Query("SELECT * FROM table")
	cols, _ := rows.Columns()

	defer rows.Close()

    d:= make([]map[string]interface{}, 0)
	for rows.Next() {
		columns := make([]interface{}, len(cols))
		columnPointers := make([]interface{}, len(cols))
		for i, _ := range columns {
			columnPointers[i] = &columns[i]


		m := make(map[string]interface{})
		for i, colName := range cols {
			val := columnPointers[i].(*interface{})
			m[colName] = *val

		d = append(d, m)
	jsData, _ := json.Marshal(d)
	w.Header().Set("Content-Type", "application/json")

Standart map is unordered -

A map is an unordered group of elements of one type, called the element type, indexed by a set of unique keys of another type, called the key type.

You should use ordered collecton like this one



Neither gos map, nor json objects are ordered. {"a": 1, "b": 2} and {"b": 2, "a": 1} in JSON are equivalent.


because I bring the data into a dynamic table by looping through everything in a loop. The table has about 100 fields.
To do this manually is not realistic.

The proper way is to have some extra data point that describes the order of fields, eg a list of strings. Iterate over that list and use it to access the fields in the map/object.

if the name of the fields are written in cyrillic with spaces?

Why should that be a problem on the go side? Perhaps when trying to use them as column names in your database…

Try storing the data you retrieve as “local” variables in YottaDB. The data is always sorted. See for more information. For what it’s worth, YottaDB also has a hierarchical key-value database / persistence engine (called “global” variables), but if you already have a database, you can just store the retrieved data in YottaDB without using the persistence engine.

Full disclosure: I lead YottaDB ( &

– Bhaskar

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