Asking for contributors

Hey there!

It’s been some months since I last replied to any topics in this forum, I’m sorry about that. Hopefully no one missed my responses. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I’m reaching out exactly for that reason: I’ve been lacking time and I could use some help maintaining a little open-source project I have: For anyone that might be interested, it’s an authorization and authentication plugin for the open-source Mosquitto MQTT broker, which is commonly (but really, really, not only) used on IoT applications. Since the usual go-to plugin was archived some time ago, it is now the kind of default (citation needed) plugin for Mosquitto auth purposes. Of course, it’s written in Go (I wouldn’t be posting this here if it wasn’t, duh), so anyone here interested in contributing is very welcome.

Many of the basic bits were written when I just started learning Go, so there’s a lot of space for improvement and refactoring. On the same line of thought, it supports a bunch of backends, but there are many I haven’t implemented yet and a lot more that I don’t even know about that could may their way in.

That’s about it. If there’s anyone interested in this, just respond here or DM me.

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