Archiver 1.1.1: now with support for .tar.bz2 and .rar files

I needed a simple package to compress a folder into a .zip or .tar.gz archive and then I realized to make a command for it was less than a hundred lines so I just bundled it into a binary for distribution. Hope you find it useful as I have!

Works like:

$ archiver open <input> <destination>

$ archiver make <output> <files...>

You can also use it in your Go programs:

err := archiver.Zip("", []string{"file.txt", "folder"})
// check err
err = archiver.Unzip("", "output_folder")
// check err

Supports these formats:

  • .zip
  • .tar.gz (and .tgz)
  • .tar.bz2
  • .rar (open only)

Thanks to everyone who has helped with the bugs and questions I had when building it!

Cheers! :tropical_drink:


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