Arche v0.11 released -- The Go ECS, now with a brand new user guide!

Arche is an archetype-based Entity Component System for Go.

Arche’s Features

  • Simple core API. See the API docs.
  • Optional logic filter and type-safe generic API.
  • Entity relations as first-class feature. See the User Guide.
  • World serialization and deserialization with arche-serde.
  • No systems. Just queries. Use your own structure (or the Tools).
  • No dependencies. Except for unit tests (100% coverage).
  • Probably the fastest Go ECS out there. See the Benchmarks.

Release Highlights

Arche now has a dedicated documentation site with a structured user guide and background information. We hope that this will lower the barrier to entrance significantly.

Further, Arche got a few new features:

  • Query.EntityAt was added for random access to query entities.
  • Generic filters now support Exclusive, like ID-based filters.
  • Build tag debug improves error messages in a few places where we rely on standard library panics for performance.

For a full list of changes, see the CHANGELOG.

Your feedback is highly appreciated, particularly on the new user guide!

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