Application performance

I have written a desktop application in Go (using GTK), and I am investigating the startup time of the application. I would want a way to get a list of the time spent in each function call during the application startup.

I don’t have the correct terminology, I think, so googling it didn’t give me much. I searched for profiling, benchmarking and so on, but that seemed to give me results about performance of tests, but I want to do this for an entire application, not just tests.

Does anyone know of a simple, free way of doing this, without adding measurement code to each function?

Edit: A tool builtin in either Golang or the Goland IDE, would be perfect.

I think you may be looking for pprof package - runtime/pprof - Go Packages. Dave Cheney gave a talk in GopherCon 2019 where he showed how to analyze a few kinds of performance issues: GopherCon 2019: Dave Cheney - Two Go Programs, Three Different Profiling Techniques - YouTube which might be helpful.

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