Anyone needs a (long-term) contributor for their open source project written in Go?

Hey folks,

I’m a backend and infrastructure focused dev interested in Go. Unfortunately I don’t get much chance to write Go at work (it’s mostly a Node.js shop), at least not the amount I want to. So looking to be part of interesting open source Go based project where I can contribute regularly and long term (aka, not hacktoberfest style contribution).

I’m interested in a project that is-

  • web service based (uses and exposes REST/GraphQL/gRPC based API)
  • use up to date Go
  • has focus on maintainability and code-quality (and does good code reviews)
  • has tons of things to do

I’m based in UTC+1 timezone, and prefer async communication over Slack/GitHub etc.

If anyone is looking for a contributor or knows a project that fits the criteria, lemme know :raised_hands:

PS. To clarify, I want to volunteer, not looking for a job. But not sure if there’s a better category in the forum to announce availability.

Not my project, but this is one of the larger OS projects in the go ecosystem and they need a new maintainer:

However, it sounds like you are relatively new to Go so that might not be the best fit. They have also not had a lot of luck finding a contributor who can manage the volume of pull requests/issues needed.