Any replacement for hystrix package

It doesn’t have to be a package, you can give ideas for implementation.

The idea is radically simple. Don’t do it in the app. Do it at the networking level with things like istio or linkerd.


+1 for @kron4eg’s suggestion.

If a Go package is required as a replacement, a good approach is to search GitHub for “hystrix language:go” (replace hystrix with any project you need a replacement for).

Reason: many authors who write packages that resemble the functionality of a popular package usually write something like, “similar to…”, “alternative to…”, or “replacement for…” in the project tagline or readme.

I daresay that most public Go projects can be found on GitHub, hence this search should return some useful results. Repeat with GitLab or BitBucket if you want.

E.g., for Hystrix, I found

among others. circuit seems to be actively maintained AFAICT.


Thanks to both :slight_smile:

Definitely not. Spring Cloud Hystrix is in maintenance mode and will not be available any more starting from the 2020.0.0 release train (support removed with this commit). Resilience4J is a good replacement.

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