Any project that transform querystring in a map?

Anyone know any project that transforms the query strings into a map, something like rails params.



{pagination: { page: 23, quantity: 30 }, brand: 'dell', color: 'red' }

specifically, if you’re inside a http handler, request.URL.Query()

Not really, URL.Query() will return this:

{ 23, pagination.quantity: 30, filters.brand: 'dell', filters.color: 'red' }

instead of this:

{pagination: { page: 23, quantity: 30 }, brand: 'dell', color: 'red' }

isn’t hard to implement this func, but, i thought had something ready to use :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I see. You want it to interpolate name prefixes separated by dots as
representing distinct objects with the same name representing a single
object? You’re right, I don’t know of anything that does that by default.
Shouldn’t be hard to split the keys on dots and insert them into a
map[string]interface{} but yes it would require code.

– Charles

FWIW, I think a lib that would unmarshal it to a struct (not map) would be better

Shameless plug:

(Library works, but I haven’t touched it in a while.)

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