Any plans to migrate mailing list discussions?

Are there any plans to migrate discussions from golang-nuts to this new forum? I suppose that task is quite technically challenging. But there is so much knowledge on that list that it would be wonderful to have it migrated here.


We have no plans to migrate golang-nuts content to the forum. The email list will continue to live a separate existence, as this forum is not operated by the Go team. The good news is that both (the mailing list and this forum) are indexed and searchable.


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No problem, thanks for the response Jason. One concern I have about growing the community here is that I don’t seem to see any activity from the core Go team. If that remains the case, I suspect this forum will be viewed as a “second class” resource and the mailing list will remain the main location for most discussions about the language.

Anyway, just an initial perspective after having just signed up and browsed some of the discussions here! Keep up the good work!

There have already been several posts by the Go core team, and this is pretty much the very start of the forums, so I’d say we’re doing pretty good on that front too :slight_smile:

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Thanks Luna, I must have missed them all. I’ll look more closely!

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