Any Gophers in Baden-Württemberg, Germany?

I am wondering if there are any Gophers in the “Bundesland” Baden-Württemberg in the southwest of Germany? I know of a Meetup in the Heidelberg/Mannheim area but nothing so far further south.

Do you work in the area of Karlsruhe or Stuttgart and use Go or are just interested in it?

Other programming languages are strong and visible, Java has a user group in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe is hosting this years Python conference for Germany. There must be Gophers around here, too :slight_smile:

Java and Python are establishes languages, it is just natural that they have a larger user base than Go.

Karlsruhe or Stuttgart are not that close to Munich, but if you happen to be in Munich on Aug 24th, you might want to attend the next Munich Gophers meetup.

Edit: Of course I meant “Karlsruhe or Stuttgart” and not Heidelberg! Fixed.

Waldshut-Tiengen! The very very South-West of BW.

I’m running the meetup in Zurich. Our next is in one week! Come an join us!

Yup, there is a newly created meetup in Stuttgart just for that :slight_smile:

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