All APK create by GoMobile give a black screen :-(((

Hello at all

I have tried to create several APK with GOMOBILE, but when i test them, she works in the emulator BlueStacks but not on my Android Samsung note.
All the application give to me only the title, and the screen is black ;-(
After several seconds, the application stop

If someone know, how can i fix my problem

Have a good day

Could you file a bug at with the specifics of your device and your Android version?

Hello Rakyll

I try to do it, but not really understand what is this link.
Another forum for explain my problem ??

I have see another thing finally, when i test the APK on a SAMSUNG NOTE 1 and a SAMSUNG NOTE 2 with ANDROID v4.1.2, i have black screen and nothing
But when i test the same APK on my SAMSUNG TAB 3 with ANDROID v4.4.2, here that’s works, incredible

So i wonder, if this is not a problem of ANDROID version

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