After learn golang

Hello, I recently learned about Golang programming language and I want to learn beginner training in codeacademy. I wanted to know if I can enter cloud computing after learning Golang.

Hi @ilia_Faed,

Go has indeed become a popular language in the “cloud” domain, specifically as an infrastructure language. Docker, Kubernetes, Traefik, Caddy, all the good HashiCorp stuff, and many DevOps tools and services are written in Go.

To enter a domain like cloud computing (which can mean backend development, DevOps, Go is certainly a good language to become skilled in, but you would definitely also need to know all the other stuff - software orchestration, databases, CI/CD, different kinds of architectures, observability, etc, to name a few buzzwords.

If you know all that stuff, great. If all this is new to you and you therefore need to start as a junior developer, you might want to look for a larger company whose backend team is large enough to hire junior devs and train them on-the-job.

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