Advices for implementing basic Go functions and unit-test them

I would like to develop various basic and useful functions in Go, so I can re-use them later in my Go programs. To give you an idea:

  • Check if a specific file exists on disk
  • Check if a specific directory exists on disk
  • Create a file for a specified location
  • Create a directory for a specified location
  • Read an array and print all the values and their index
  • Search if specific value is present in an array
  • Check if host computer has internet connectivity
  • Check if we get HTTP 200 from a URL
  • Download a file from a URL
  • Unzip a file
  • etc , etc …

All of those functions should be cross platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) and they all should have unit-tests. I am not experienced with unit-testing, so I am not sure how I can test stuff like “if a file exists” by mocking the filesystem, or “downloading a file”. I would be so thankful if you can provide me with similar examples (e.g. your libraries) or any tips/advices for that matter – and especially for testing them.

I would also like to use library for logs, so I can distinguish between info and error and debug. What would that be your preferable library to do so?

Thanks in advance

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