Advice on where to start

Hi am new to programming and i wanted to start a simple project on bot. I wanted to know how possible is it with golang and please any advice of where to start will be so much appreciated

What do you mean by bot? A chatbot? Robotics?

sorry sir chatbot

yes sir

What chat service do you want your bot to connect to?

facebook messenger

Facebook’s documentation for messenger is at:

A go package to work with messenger:

I have not tried this, but there are examples that should help.

thank you so so much sir

Glad to help.

The best bit of advice I have is to check every error. Errors frequently tell me when I am doing something wrong. is a good method for getting started. Using it will tell you the contents of the error and the line number the error handling was done at. This is great for figuring out what went wrong and where it did so.

thank you sir i have a lot to read up on your site

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