Accept interface and return struct - When not

I have read some articles like Which talks about accepting interface and return struct. I personally prefer and like this idea since this gives more readability and also supports the reason of why interfaces are not tightly couple with struct in Golang.

I want to know what are some of those cases and I have seen some articles too, where we need to return interface rather struct and whether this is a good practice or not ?

Return an interface when you need to. :slight_smile: Some examples that come to mind are functions that return behavior in the form of an interface (e.g., io.LimitReader and similar; takes an io.Reader and a length, returns a new io.Reader) and things like factory functions that can return different types that are covered by a common interface.

I think it’s good practice to return an interface when you need to return an interface. If you don’t need to, it’s probably better to return a struct type instead.

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I think the receiver end (caller) where it is accepting the return type from a method (be it factory) is satisfying an interface should enforce this and not the implementation end. By returning the interface from another package(for ex), we are doing a coupling between packages.

Sure. But consider something that wants to be able to connect to several different, possibly custom, protocols. Let’s say tcp, tcp+tls://, quic://. We don’t want to hardcode the list of protocols and how to connect them. Instead, we have something that takes a net.Dialer. The actual code doing the dialing ends being something like

uri, _ = url.Parse("tcp+tls://")
proto := uri.Scheme
host := uri.Host
dialer := protos.getDialer(proto)
conn, err := dialer.Dial(proto)

getDialer() is already something that returns an interface - the net.Dialer.

But maybe we want a registry or something underlying that getDialer method. Perhaps something as simple as a map[string]net.Dialer would do, but perhaps dialers for the various protocols can’t be reused trivially and we want a factory function for some reason. In that case it would be reasonable for the protocol manager thing to have a func registerProtocol(name string, factory func() net.Dialer) and we would pass it a function that in turn returns a dialer.

Perhaps this whole thing would be exported and called from another package.

Slightly contrived, but there are lots of reasonable times to return interfaces.

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