Academic research - cripto with Go

I need some help where I can find solid informations if Go its used for cripto tasks. Its for an academic research.


Hi @Fabio_Bairros,

Can you elaborate on the term “crypto tasks”? Are you referring to cryptography, cryptanalysis, blockchain technology (which is often incorrectly referred to as “crypto”), or something else?

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Hi, @christophberger .

I meant about cryptography focus on RSA, electronic signature, site security confirmation, etc.
If the amount of programmers that use GO are increasing on that segment.


That’s indeed difficult data to search for.

You might find some vague information in software reports like The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2022 Infographic

Section “What types of software do you develop with your main languages?” shows that 10% of all developers who use Go as their main language use Go in the Security realm. This does not reveal any hint about the number of developers (let alone the change from year to year).

The Go Developer Survey 2022 Q2 Results mentions security only in the context of applying security measures like vulnerability scanning to the development cycle.

Maybe there are surveys done in the cryptography area that monitor language coverage in cryptography software.

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Thanks, @christophberger .

I’ll take a look.


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