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Get help with your Go code and give similar help to others. (post+getting-help@golangbridge.org)

When asking a question:

  • Clearly explain what you’re trying to do
  • State the problem and report exact error messages or program behavior
  • Post your code
  • Explain what you’ve already tried
  • Ask your question

Please do not ask us to write your code for you, although we’re happy to help you troubleshoot and debug.

Pro Tip: If somebody has answered your question sufficiently, please mark the reply as the accepted answer so others can find it easily.

Another Pro Tip: Use proper formatting, especially with code. 3 backticks (`) for a block, 1 for inline code. American keyboards have this up by the tilde (~) key.

As always, be kind and respect other people’s time and efforts. This is a great opportunity for us to learn and gain experience, so enjoy it!

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