About import go.hello.Hello in go mobile

i’m beginner and i can’t “import go.hello.Hello;” in android studio.please give me solution for that problem

Go to File -> New -> New Module menu option.
Select “Import .JAR/.ARR package” and “Next”.
Select the .aar file and “Finish”.
Go to File -> Project Structure.
Select the your application module (not the hello module).
Select the dependencies tab.
Click on the plus + to add a dependency.
Select “module dependency”.
Select the hello module.
Now you should be able to import the go.hello.Hello.

sorry but it’s doesn’t work?is there any other way?

You must post more detais about your problem.
You have the .aar file created ?
Why it do not work ?
You was able to understand and follow all steps ?
Wha is is the error message ?

sorry it’s the main problem

i was create module depedency but i can’t import go.hello.Hello

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