A tool to graph interaction between functions?

sorry if I’m not clear, I don’t know precisely how to search the answer I need…
I want to modify a Golang library that was written without comment and that is distribute in several files. I thought that to better understand it globally I could search for a tool to “analyze” the code an give me some kind of graph with the structure of the code. like witch function is calling what function, who’s first,…
what is the name for a tool like that and eventually, do you know one for Go ??

I’d open the code in VS Code and use the tools provided there.

thanks, will look what tools exist for that in VS Code…
just found two things : callgraph & go-callvis , will read what I can do with them and how to use them.

yes there is – go-callvis

For mac brew install graphviz
and then run
go-callvis project_path | dot -Tpng -o filename.png

thanks, will try it this weekend…

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