A powerful code generation tool that automatically generates complete project code for web and microservices

sponge is a powerful tool for generating code for web and microservice projects, and a microservice framework based on gin and gRPC packaging. sponge has a rich set of code generation commands, generating a total of 12 different functional codes that can be These can be combined into a complete service (similar to a sponge cell that can be automatically reassembled into a new sponge). Microservice code features include logging, service registration and discovery, registry, flow limiting, fusing, link tracking, metrics monitoring, pprof performance analysis, statistics, caching, CICD and more. The code decoupled modular design makes it easy to build complete project code from development to deployment, making it more convenient, easy and efficient to develop projects using the go language.

Github address: GitHub - zhufuyi/sponge: sponge is a microservice framework, a tool for quickly generate web and microservice code.
Online code generation demo: https://go-sponge.com/ui/

sponge generates the code framework

The generated code is based on three approaches Yaml, SQL and Protobuf, each possessing different functional code generation.

Microservices framework

The microservice code framework created by sponge is shown in Figure 1-2, this is a typical microservice hierarchy with high performance, high scalability, and includes common service governance features.

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